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Monday, July 2, 2012

Week 3: Talking about Change

This week was all about making better food choices for good health. In Tuesday's class, the students watched a condensed version of Morgan Spurlock's documentary, "Super Size Me". In this 30 day experiment, Spurlock eats three meals per day from McDonald's (while reducing physical activity) in order to measure the effects that fast food has on the human body.

The students questioned Spurlock's approach and wondered why someone would willingly destroy their bodies with food. We concluded that consuming fast food, junk food, and refined foods in excess amounts will have the same effects on the body over time.

Thursday's class gave students the opportunity to make oral presentations about what they have learned about their dietary habits and share ways to improve them. My normally rambunctious group of teenagers morphed into incredibly shy, quiet individuals. I would like to commend every student who made an effort in spite of their fears.

This week marks the beginning of Nutrition 102. Stay tuned!

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