This site was initially developed for Workshop Houston's Summer 2012 Program as a component of the course "The Science of Nutrition".

Course Syllabus

Course Title “The Science of Nutrition”

                        Part 1 ~Nutrition 101: Food is Fuel 
                        Part 2 ~Nutrition 102: Eating for Good Health and Longevity


During the first three week session, students will be introduced to the basic building blocks of nutrition which include carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and water. We will explore how they are metabolized and the functions they serve in human growth and development. The right foods consumed in the proper proportions will fuel the body for optimal performance. Students will examine their own nutritional habits by keeping a food journal which will culminate in a final project to be presented on the last day of this session.

The second session will examine proper nutrition at every stage during the life cycle. We will also explore the role of nutrition in disease prevention, obesity, and mental health. This course will utilize literature from scientific and medical journals to expose students to current issues in the food and drug industries that impact health to include: food additives, supplements, refined foods, prescription drug side effects, fast food, costs of healthcare, etc. We will consider the impact of programs like the “Let’s Move” initiative to combat childhood obesity. The final project will be a presentation on how to eat for good health and longevity.


Session 1

Day 1: Course introduction, start food journals, lecture—“Macronutrients”, reading assignment
Day 2: Lecture—“Micronutrients and Water”, review food journals, reading assignment
Day 3: Lecture—“Reading Food Labels”, in-class exercise, review food journals, reading assignment
Day 4: Lecture—“Food is Fuel”, review food journals, in-class exercise,
Day 5: Analyze food journals, in-class exercise: “Unjunk Your Junk Food”, begin final project
Day 6: Final Exam, Student Presentations

Session 2

Day 1: Course Introduction, lecture—“Nutrition throughout the Life Cycle”, reading assignment
Day 2: Lecture—“Nutrition, Disease, and Prevention”, in-class exercise, reading assignment
Day 3:  Lecture—“Obesity, Diabetes, Nutrition, and Exercise”, in-class exercise, reading assignment
Day 4: Lecture—“Urban Gardening: Food is a Political Statement”, in-class demonstration, reading assignment
Day 5: Lecture—“Current Issues in Health and Nutrition”, final presentation outlines
Day 6: Final Exam, Student Presentation, Awards


Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition, 2nd ed., Fink, 2009
Anatomy and Physiology: The Unity of Form and Function, 4th ed., Saladin, 2007
American College of Sports Medicine
National Academy of Sports Medicine
A variety of scientific research-based articles will be photocopied and provided for the reading assignments.

About the Instructor

Raychelle Muhammad holds a B.S. in Sports Management and I am an NASM certified personal trainer. She publishes two blogs: Journeys Fitness at is where she writes on a wide variety of health and wellness topics, and Raychelle Writes is where she blogs about writing and the publishing industry. She has published 7 books to date and is a freelance writer for Skinny Ms. and Workout Healthy Blog Some of her current obsessions are urban gardening, interior design, and cooking. She is married and has one daughter whom she has homeschooled for six years.

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