This site was initially developed for Workshop Houston's Summer 2012 Program as a component of the course "The Science of Nutrition".

NEW! Wellness Workshops and Author Visits

As an author with varied areas of expertise, I would love to visit your school or business! I provide customized health, fitness, and wellness seminars in schools or groups for grades 6-12 and in schools, businesses and groups for adults. Each course is designed to fit the needs of each demographic. For the students of all ages, I teach creative writing workshops, picture book making, how to start blogging, and how to self-publish their work.

Wellness Seminars

The Science of Nutrition

The Science of Nutrition is a workshop originally designed as a 6-week high school course for Workshop Houston's Summer Leadership Institute 2012. However, the content of this course can be customized for any age group, health/nutrition topic, and desired program length.

Session topics include, but are not limited to:

*Basic Nutrition using guidelines
*Making Healthy Lifestyle Choices
*Cooking for Health and Fitness
*Urban Gardening
*Healthy Weight Management
*Disease Prevention

Each workshop session is 60 minutes in length with a maximum of 3 presentations given per day. Single 60-minute presentations are appropriate for students in grades K-5. Middle school and high school students will benefit from multiple sessions and can be administered in a single day or spread out over a series of visits. Staff development sessions require a 2-hour minimum. A variety of media may be utilized to enhance the material covered:

*PowerPoint presentations
*Educational videos
*Group activities
*Book readings

What People Are Saying about the Instructor:


"...Besides being a joy to work with, Raychelle is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate effectively with the students. She went above and beyond in her teaching efforts in order to ensure that the students understood the course material in a way that they could apply nutritional values to their lifestyle.  Her course presentations were phenomenal as she made a course-specific blog that the students could refer to for relevant information.  As an instructor, Raychelle was very professional; she was always on time and prepared. Additionally, she showed a very extensive and in depth knowledge of the course topic and helped the students become more interested in their physical health.

"Overall, Raychelle was an amazing asset to Workshop Houston’s Summer Leadership Institute. Her course is definitely relevant to students of all ages as it encompasses information that is necessary to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. For these reasons, I highly recommend Raychelle to teach this course."

~Jalyn Smith, High School Program Coordinator
Workshop Houston


Wellness Seminars

$400* per 2-hour session
$550* per 3-hour session
$700* per 4-hour session
*Includes books, materials, and travel within 50 miles
*Bookings must be secured three weeks prior to requested visit date
*30% non-refundable deposit required at time of booking

Author Workshops

Creative Writing: Express Yourself
Picture Book Making
Blogging for Beginners
Self-Publishing 101




Author Visits

$200*- 1 hour
$375*- 2 hours
$550*- 3 hours

*Includes books, materials, and travel within 50 miles
*Bookings must be secured three weeks prior to requested visit date
*30% non-refundable deposit required at time of booking
Submit your request for more information and bookings. I look forward to serving you!

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